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Pricing Considerations When You’re Hired For A Destination Wedding

8 May 2018
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Wedding photographers often get the chance to travel to sunny destinations to shoot happy couples' big days, and this might be something to which you look forward multiple times a year. Different photographers take different approaches to how they price their services for destination weddings. While there's no right answer that will necessarily work in every situation of this nature, it's wise to think about the nature of this type of work, what the couple is paying, and what you're getting out of the experience. Read More …

Young Children And Family Portraits: Tips For Making Picture Day Go More Smoothly

21 March 2018
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The best part about getting family photos is that they can document the stages of your life. You don't want some years to be missing from your walls or albums because getting photos was too challenging. A common time for families to miss getting photos is when their children are young. It's hard to wrangle the kids and keep everyone happy for a photo session, and some parents choose to skip the stress. Read More …

The Use Of Special Effects Lenses On Your Wedding Photos

21 February 2018
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Wedding day photography is a big deal. These are the pictures of one very special moment in your life that will last for a long time. You want the pictures to be just right. In that case, think about whether or not you want special effects used on your photos. There are many filters built into digital cameras now that create the same kinds of effects as the photos of your mother's or grandmother's wedding, but with clearer images. Read More …