Pricing Considerations When You're Hired For A Destination Wedding

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Pricing Considerations When You're Hired For A Destination Wedding

8 May 2018
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Wedding photographers often get the chance to travel to sunny destinations to shoot happy couples' big days, and this might be something to which you look forward multiple times a year. Different photographers take different approaches to how they price their services for destination weddings. While there's no right answer that will necessarily work in every situation of this nature, it's wise to think about the nature of this type of work, what the couple is paying, and what you're getting out of the experience. Here are some considerations for destination weddings.

They Cover Your Trip 

One way to price your services for shooting destination weddings is to have your clients cover the cost of your trip, including the airfare and the resort accommodation. In the case of an all-inclusive resort, it's easy for you to get a clear picture of how much the couple will be paying to host you. You can then evaluate what you charge the couple for your services, and see if things sound fair. For example, if you normally charge about $2,000 to shoot a wedding, and the airfare and accommodation come to around $2,000, you might opt for this pricing scenario.

You Pay For Yourself

A couple that books a destination wedding will often spend a week or more in the sun, and while you might like the idea of getting away for a few days, you may not favor a vacation of this length. This is especially true if your spouse and friends are back home and you don't know the people with whom you're traveling. In this case, you might want to price out the cost of airfare to and from the destination, as well as the cost of staying for a few nights. You may wish to cover these costs yourself — working them into what you charge for your services, of course — and bill the clients accordingly.

You Turn It Into A Vacation

Another idea that you can pursue is to bill the clients for your services and book your travel on your own — but also get airfare and accommodations for your spouse and/or your entire family. Sure, you'll need to work for a day or two while you're away, but your loved ones can relax by the pool or enjoy other recreational activities. When your duties as the wedding photographer are done, you'll already be in a sunny destination to enjoy a vacation with your family.