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Reasons That a Simple Photo Backdrop Can Be Highly Effective for Children’s Portraits

6 December 2018
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When you're booking portraits for your children, you likely want to visit a few photography studios to assess the environment. Many parents favor studios that can offer a variety of fun backdrops, and there's no disputing that these can make the portrait process more enjoyable for your children, as well as make for some special images. You shouldn't shy away from a studio that has simpler backdrops, however. It can be worthwhile to go with an understated backdrop for your children's portraits for a number of reasons. Read More …

5 Key Elements Of A Great Corporate Video Script

28 September 2018
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A great corporate video starts with a great script. But what makes a good script? Here are 5 key elements to add to yours. Keep it Short People have a limited attention span. If you're producing a marketing video, don't expect your audience to pay attention for more than a couple of minutes, so get to the point. And when you're done, considering trimming the video one more time for good measure. Read More …

Four Tips For Your First Aerial Photography Shoot

29 August 2018
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If you are an experienced photographer looking for a new way to hone and enjoy your craft, you may want to consider aerial photography. You can hire a professional to take you up in an airplane or helicopter, and during the ride, you take photos of the ground below. You won't believe the kinds of shots you can get in such a situation -- but there are a few tips to keep in mind as you embark on your first shoot. Read More …

Want A Thorough Wedding Photo Collection? Make Requests When Hiring A Photographer

20 July 2018
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When you make plans for your wedding, you do not want to pass up hiring a photographer because they will provide everyone with photos that can last generations. You can share the photos with your guests so that they can have their own collection of wedding photos. If you want to have a detailed collection, you should consider making a few requests for the wedding.   Ceremony Space While you should expect a photographer to get many shots of the ceremony space because that is where you will be getting married, you may want to see it without anyone in the photograph. Read More …

How to Hire a Family Photographer

18 June 2018
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Taking family photographs becomes harder and harder as your family gets larger. Obviously, wrangling your young ones fora photo session is never the most enjoyable way to spend your weekend. This is why you want to hire a photographer that if you feel comfortable with. Everybody will already be a little bit of stress, uncomfortable, inpatient, tired, and basically over the whole situation after a little while. So, not only do you want to get it done as quickly as possible, you also want to make sure that everybody feels comfortable and relaxed with the photographer. Read More …