The Use Of Special Effects Lenses On Your Wedding Photos

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The Use Of Special Effects Lenses On Your Wedding Photos

21 February 2018
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Wedding day photography is a big deal. These are the pictures of one very special moment in your life that will last for a long time. You want the pictures to be just right. In that case, think about whether or not you want special effects used on your photos. There are many filters built into digital cameras now that create the same kinds of effects as the photos of your mother's or grandmother's wedding, but with clearer images. The following special effects lenses may be applied to any photo taken, as it is taken, which is why you need to decide in advance if you want these effects applied.

Soft, Muted Light

Remember those wedding headshots of your parents? The ones with the soft, phosphorescent "glow"? That was created by a lens that the camera guy used and then removed for the rest of the pictures. In modern photography, the camera is set to this setting and makes a lovely picture of a couple in love. 

Sienna Wash

If you want some wedding photos with an old-fashioned look, the Sienna wash setting on digital cameras is the way to do it. These photos print like black and white stills, but with a sienna hue where the black would be and a sort of brownish cream where the whiter and lighter colors would be in the photo. This feature has been used for years by professional photographers, but now the look is achieved with a setting on the camera.

Black and White

If you are actually wearing your mother's wedding dress or your grandmother's wedding dress, you can recreate a moment in time from their weddings. You can also have the pictures taken in digital black and white print. Then you can set the photo on the family picture wall next to the photos of their weddings, and reflect on amazing similarities in the photos.


About thirty years ago, panoramic became the big thing in photography. Instead of taking several photos of the landscape and then cutting them up just right to create one long view, the cameras made for panoramic photos took the picture in one long shot. The photos printed on long strips of paper instead of the standard photo sizes. This might be an option for you if you have a very large wedding party or very large family and you want to get everyone in the photo all at once.

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