Reasons That a Simple Photo Backdrop Can Be Highly Effective for Children's Portraits

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Reasons That a Simple Photo Backdrop Can Be Highly Effective for Children's Portraits

6 December 2018
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When you're booking portraits for your children, you likely want to visit a few photography studios to assess the environment. Many parents favor studios that can offer a variety of fun backdrops, and there's no disputing that these can make the portrait process more enjoyable for your children, as well as make for some special images. You shouldn't shy away from a studio that has simpler backdrops, however. It can be worthwhile to go with an understated backdrop for your children's portraits for a number of reasons.

It Allows Them to Shine

It's possible to choose such a vibrant and elaborate backdrop for your children's portraits that it is a bit of a visual distraction. There's no arguing the fact that these backdrops can be fun to look at, but you might worry that people will spend more time looking at the details of the backdrop instead of looking at your child. Parents get portraits of their children because they want to share them with people who want to see the child, so opting for a simpler photo backdrop can allow your child to be the central focal point in his or her photographs.

It Allows for Different Photo Techniques

A simple background can also be effective for giving the photographer the ability to rely on some different photo techniques. For example, while there's no disputing the value of color portraits, some parents will often enjoy black and white images of their children. When you choose a vibrant photo backdrop, black and white images can sometimes look odd. The backdrop is likely very colorful, and may not translate well to black and white. A plain backdrop in any color will work well when the photographer converts the image digitally to black and white, allowing for a pleasing effect.

It May Make for a Shorter Photo Session

Children can be difficult to photograph, given that they can easily get distracted by their environments, forget to smile, forget where to look, and deal with other similar issues. If the photo backdrop behind your child is extremely engaging, he or she may frequently be tempted to turn around and look at it—just as the photographer is about to take a photo. This scenario can be stressful and can lead to a photo session that is longer and more difficult than it needs to be. A simpler backdrop, by comparison, provides less of a distraction that should hopefully allow the session to go quickly and smoothly.

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