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Does Your Child Want To Be A Model And Actor? What Pictures You Need In Their Look Book

6 May 2016
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Is your son or daughter trying to pursue a career in modeling and acting, and you aren't sure what type of portraits you should use in their look book for job interviews? There are a lot of different pictures that may look great, but you want to be sure the modeling agents see what all your teen has to offer. Modeling jobs and acting jobs are going to require different books and portraits, but your child's portraits need to be perfect. Read More …

Four Party Rentals To Consider For Your Next Big Party

2 May 2016
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If you want to make your next party as fun and exciting as it can be, consider thinking outside of the box. There are often fun and exciting things that you can have available for your guests to do while they are at your party. Use the guide below to learn a few ways to ensure that your party is as fun and memorable as it can be with the perfect party rentals. Read More …

2 Ways To Digitize Your 8Mm Videos

29 April 2016
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For about 20 years, 8mm and hi-8mm were very common formats for consumer camcorders. Many families have hours of absolutely priceless footage on these tapes. To most, these tapes are worthless because there is no way of playing them, except for through an actual camcorder or Video 8 VCR. If you don't have any batteries for your 20 year old camcorder, you may have not watched these precious tapes since they were shot. Read More …