It's Personal: 3 Ways To Create The Perfect Greeting Card

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It's Personal: 3 Ways To Create The Perfect Greeting Card

6 May 2016
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If you're looking for a unique way to express your feelings, you probably don't want to go with a generic greeting card that you can find in any store. Instead, you want to make sure that the sentiment relays exactly how you're feeling. You want it to express you and not the hundreds of other people who may have purchased the same card. Here are four ways to creatively express your emotions.

Choose a Custom Design

If you want a professional greeting card, but you want to forego the generic appearance – choose a custom design instead. Custom greeting cards are available in a wide variety of designs, including photographic greeting cards that incorporate your own special photographs. When you choose custom greeting cards, you can also select the fonts that will be used, as well as the color of the ink. Not only that, but you'll also be able to personalize the message. Make sure your greeting card is the perfect choice for you by customizing the entire process.

Say It with Pictures

If you can't find the right words to convey how you're feeling, try saying it with a simple photograph. Instead of purchasing a greeting card, find a photograph that conveys your emotions, and use a permanent marker to jot down a simple message. Your loved one will enjoy the photograph and the emotions it conveys. Your loved one will be able to remember the moment forever by placing the photograph and message in a keepsake frame.

Make Your Own

If you'd prefer a truly unique approach to greeting cards, you can make your own. A piece of cardstock and various scrapbooking embellishments will allow you to create the perfect card for any occasion. Want to really make it creative? Leave a few fresh flowers out to dry and then attach them to the front of your card. Be sure they're completely dried or your card may end up with watermarks from the moisture.

This idea is actually great for small children who want to create their own cards. You can even make this a fun family activity. Set your table up with various colors of cardstock, some glue sticks and assorted embellishments. You and your kids can spend the evening making greeting cards for to send out to your family.

Greeting cards are a great way to convey whatever emotions you're experiencing. You don't have to limit yourself to the cards you find on the store shelves. Instead, use the fun ideas suggested here to create the perfect greeting cards for any occasions. Contact a company like Photos to Designs or a similar location for more info.