Does Your Child Want To Be A Model And Actor? What Pictures You Need In Their Look Book

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Does Your Child Want To Be A Model And Actor? What Pictures You Need In Their Look Book

6 May 2016
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Is your son or daughter trying to pursue a career in modeling and acting, and you aren't sure what type of portraits you should use in their look book for job interviews? There are a lot of different pictures that may look great, but you want to be sure the modeling agents see what all your teen has to offer. Modeling jobs and acting jobs are going to require different books and portraits, but your child's portraits need to be perfect. Here are a few things you'll want to consider doing.

Aging and Looking Younger

You want the agents to see that they can book a job that is for someone who is supposed to be younger than your child, or older. Include photos that make the child look very young for their age and also a little bit older and more mature. When they are versatile, it allows them to get a lot of different jobs, and they can go to more castings because they are considered to look within a wider age group.

Common Characters

If your child is trying to get the part of cheerleader or girl next door type, you want to include pictures of them that show they look athletic, wholesome, and innocent. If they are auditioning for the cocky, rich, private school boy, you want to have pictures of them that make them fit that character. Include a variety of pictures for many different characters, and rearrange the books or each audition if needed.

Old Time and Futuristic Photos

Try to include old time photos, where the picture looks aged and your child looks like a child from decades back, and futuristic looking photos. This shows that they can play in a commercial or movie that is supposed to be during any era and that they can look futuristic if needed.

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Natural Shots

Having shots in natural lighting with as little makeup or touching up as possible is key. It shows your child is naturally good looking, doesn't require a lot of work, and that they can be used at any time without having to worry about flaws.

These are just some of the shots that you'll want to have to get your child's picture book ready for job auditions. This is a great start to book jobs, and then you'll be able to use the pictures from other jobs to add to the book when you're done.