4 Accessories To Consider For Your DSLR Camera

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4 Accessories To Consider For Your DSLR Camera

22 June 2022
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Are you new to using a DSLR camera, and you want to ensure that you have all of the best accessories to get the shots that you want? Consider the following additions to your gear bag that can help you out.

Waist Mounted Lens Holder

Having the right lens for the perfect shot is crucial, but it can be difficult to wrangle your lenses when you are in the middle of a shoot. That's why it can help to have a waist-mounted lens holder. Having all your key lenses accessible at all times will allow you to quickly rotate between them. 

Some lens holders are as simple as a pouch that you can slip the lenses into. However, there are more advanced ones that make them even easier to use. Picture a rotating carousel that can hold three different lenses, which attach to the carousel in the same manner that the lens attaches to the camera. This allows you to easily swap out lenses without worrying about a set of rear lens caps that can be lost. 

Camera Gimbal Mount

One of the nice things about a DSLR camera is that it is able to capture video as well. However, making sure that your shot is always smooth when using a handheld camera can be quite difficult. That is where a camera gimbal mount can be of assistance. A gimbal essentially stabilizes the camera so that you can use it in handheld mode. It can help track a subject as you rotate around them, eliminate the bumps that happen from holding the camera, and really smooth out the camera movements. 

External SSDs

You are going to need to offload all of your photos from the memory cards to your computer, and you'll want to do it as fast as possible when you are at a remote location. The best way to do this is to transfer the files to a set of SSD drives. Creating a backup copy of your photos ensures that you won't lose your data, since it is all in one place. Using SSDs will also ensure that the data copies as fast as possible, so you can clear your camera cards and get back to shooting

Remote Camera Controls

There will be times when you need to control the camera when you're not touching it. It can be helpful to have remote shutter controls so that you can snap photos while the camera is locked down to a tripod. This can help you use cameras to capture those wide shots, such as from the balcony overlooking a church for a wedding, without physically being at the camera.

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