Take Cocktail Hour To The Next Level With A Photo Booth

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Take Cocktail Hour To The Next Level With A Photo Booth

23 May 2022
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Do you plan to add a cocktail hour to your wedding day schedule? If so, one simple addition could take it from average to a wow moment for guests. This fun addition? A photo booth. Why add a photo booth to cocktail hour specifically? And how can you make it the best it can be? Here's what every couple needs to know.

Why a Photo Booth for Cocktail Hour?

Cocktail hour is often a necessary addition due to wedding day logistics. Whether you need to turn over the ceremony space for the reception, take group photos, or change into a different party dress, Whatever the practical reason, cocktail hour is designed to entertain guests during the interim. But it often needs a little something more to occupy guests' time and attention, especially if you may need extra time behind the scenes.

A photo booth is a great solution to get people involved and keep them from looking at their watches. It's interactive and a group activity. People can do more than one photo session, often mixing it up with different groups. It doesn't take up a huge amount of space, and it's reasonably priced for the amount of entertainment it gives. And you get even more photos for your wedding album. 

How Should You Add a Photo Booth?

Renting a photo booth is pretty simple for most couples. The rental service will provide the equipment and basic training needed to operate this largely self-contained unit. Ask them the amount of clear space necessary for the booth you're renting in particular. Be sure to leave plenty of space around it so that guests can maneuver around it while others come and go simultaneously. 

Make sure guests know about the photo booth, particularly if it's not in a prominent location. Most couples choose a spot that's outside the main traffic patterns and where noise won't bleed over into — or from — activities like cake cutting or the DJ's work. But don't hide it either, or people may not put out the effort to find and use it. 

Give guests a wedding hashtag, especially if the booth uploads electronic copies of pictures. Announce the beginning of the cocktail hour to let them know the hashtag or other sharing instructions and place signage by the booth itself. 

Where Can You Learn More? 

Ready to start planning your photo booth rental for cocktail hour? No matter what wedding theme, budget, or schedule you have, this easy addition will undoubtedly be a crowd pleaser and a way to make your wedding pictures memorable and fun. Start by touring the inventory at a photo booth rental service in your area today.