Why And How To Hire Two Photographers For Your Wedding

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Why And How To Hire Two Photographers For Your Wedding

11 April 2022
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Your wedding photographs are some of the most important mementos from your big day. This makes a professional photographer vital for the best results. But should you instead have two wedding photographers? The answer is often yes, and here's what you need to know about it. 

Why Use Two Photographers?

There are many great reasons to work with two photographers. One of the most popular reasons is so that they can be in two places at once. If you want to capture the prep processes of both partners, you'll generally need someone to separately be with each person and their families and/or attendants. Similarly, if you opt for two photographers, one can photograph cocktail hour while the other does the family portraits.

In addition, you get more photos from more angles when two (or more) people work the same scene. Two people get more candid photos from different — and sometimes the same — guests as well as unexpected little moments that happen throughout the venue. Even when the photograph the same activity, like cake cutting, their different choices and placements will ensure more variety to choose the perfect pictures later. 

Finally, you're working with two different individual artists. They each have their own style, will try their own secret tricks, and use their own experience in expressing the best of the wedding day. This gives you more variety, flexibility, and opportunities for the pictures of a lifetime. 

What Should You Know About Using Two Photographers?

The most common way to hire two photographers for a wedding is to select a photographer who works with a partner. These two have the advantage of having their own style and arrangements planned out so they make the most of your time. There's also little chance of any conflict between them. 

However, if your chosen photographer doesn't work with a partner, let them know you want to use a second professional and ask for recommendations on someone they respect and can work with. Make clear to both parties that this isn't a competition, perhaps even outlining which major elements each will photograph. Professionals will be able to work together to make your day a success. 

Where Can You Start?

Ready to start seeing the benefits of a second photographer as you prepare your wedding? Begin by meeting with wedding photography pros in your area today. No matter how many people you choose to work with, the result will be more fun, more romance, and more forever memories.