5 Ways To Get Lots Of Pictures Of Wedding Guests

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5 Ways To Get Lots Of Pictures Of Wedding Guests

17 March 2022
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Your wedding guests are an important part of your big day. So you want a good record of them in the wedding photos. But how can you ensure that you get the best shots of guests? Here are a few tips to help make it happen. 

1. Hire Multiple Photographers. The wedding photographer will be, first and foremost, concerned with getting all the best pictures of you, your new partner, and your family. But they can't be in two places at once, so guest activities may go uncaptured. Using a second photographer gives them both more space to photograph everyone. 

2. Take a Group Shot. Want to make sure you get at least one photo of everyone at the wedding? Arrange for your photographer to take a giant group picture. This, of course, needs to be carefully planned in advance so the photographer can find a suitable place and setup to capture the full crowd. But it's a lot of fun, and you get a great memory photo. 

3. Collect Photos from Guests. Before cellphones were ubiquitous, some couples placed disposable cameras on tables and around the venue for guests to pick up and use. They then collected them at the end of the evening. Today, you can encourage guests to send you photos of themselves and others by creating a wedding hashtag, using AirDrop or other photo-sharing features, or uploading to a wedding website. 

4. Plan Enough Time. If the photographer doesn't have enough time to photograph everything, they will generally err on the side of capturing the wedding couple. So if you provide them with more time, they can mingle more and work with guests themselves. Go over your wedding day timeline with the photographer to find out how you can help facilitate this. 

5. Get People Together. Make it easier for your photographer to take photos of people—and for guests to capture each other—by facilitating gatherings and interaction. Add a lounge area or two. Keep dining tables fairly close to each other. Have a reception line or host cocktail hour. Hire a photo booth. Create a social media backdrop. Or give groups fun props to play with. Whatever your method, the goal is to boost interaction and get more people in candid shots. 

Want more tips for making sure your wedding album includes plenty of shots of your guests? Start by consulting with a wedding photographer near you.