Taking Real Estate Photos? 5 Things To Remove From The House

Have a camera? Learn all sorts of tips about shooting photos and even how to crop and edit the pictures you take to create portraits that you can be proud of.

Taking Real Estate Photos? 5 Things To Remove From The House

15 October 2021
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The real estate listing photos will be some of your house's biggest selling points. So it's vital that they present your house in the best light possible. Hiring a professional photographer to capture its best angles and lighting is a smart investment, but there's more you can do. Before the photographer gets started, here are a few key things to remove from your house. 

1. Store 1/3 of Furnishings

One of the most important tips for house photos is to get rid of as much as 1/3 or even 1/2 of the items in each room. Rent a storage unit and whisk unneeded furniture, knick-knacks, wall hangings, and equipment into it for a short period. Less stuff means rooms look larger and more inviting. 

2. Clear Counters

Go through each room and clear countertops as much as possible. This is particularly important in the kitchen and bathrooms. You can always put the coffee maker back on the counter once the photographer leaves. As with furniture removal, clear countertops make the room look larger and cleaner. 

3. Remove Rugs

Look down at the floors and take away as many of the rugs, mats, and runners as you can. Rugs break up the seamless look of floors and create visual barriers. While you might leave one or two that are artfully staged, such as a funny welcome mat or a cushy rug that centers the living room set, most rooms are better off without them. 

4. Get Rid of Pet Stuff

Make your pets disappear for the photos. In addition to ensuring that Fido and Fluffy don't accidentally end up in the pictures, take away all evidence that they live there. Not only does pet paraphernalia — including food bowls, leashes, beds, climbing towers, and cages or crates — clutter up the room but it may also turn off buyers who worry about smells or damage. 

5. Take Down Mementos

Finally, walk through rooms and look for personal mementos. This includes family and vacation photos, religious or military decor, kids' drawings, trophies and awards, and your refrigerator magnet collection. While these items may be innocuous, they prevent buyers from envisioning their own stuff in your home. They may also distract people. Put them in a drawer until the photographer leaves. 

Want more tips about what you can remove in order to create the best photos of your house? Start by meeting with a real estate photographer in your area today. It will be well worth your time when you get the best price for your house.