Things To Think About When You Buy SD Cards

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Things To Think About When You Buy SD Cards

6 May 2021
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If you've recently bought a digital camera and you're shopping for some accessories to use with it, few things will be more important than some SD cards. Even if your camera came with one card, buying a few additional cards and storing them in your camera bag is advisable. Owning multiple SD cards will not only ensure that you have enough storage to take as many photos as you wish, but you'll always have a card ready to use. For example, if you leave your home with your camera and realize that you left one card in your computer, you can simply reach for another one. Here are some things to think about when you buy SD cards.


Camera SD cards are available in a wide range of sizes. A card's size is measured in gigabytes, and you'll clearly see this information marked on the surface of the card. The more gigabytes that a card has, the more photos that it will hold. While even a small card will hold a fairly large number of photos, it's advisable to buy large-capacity cards so that you never have to worry about filling one up. This is especially important if you plan to use your new camera to shoot video, as video takes up more space on a card than photos.


As you look at the size of different cards, pay attention to the speed rating, too. This is another number that you'll see displayed on the surface of each card. While some novice camera users overlook this rating, it's an important one to understand. An SD card's speed refers to the speed at which the card is capable of processing the content on it. With a low-speed card, you may find yourself waiting for the card to process before you can shoot again. This can be a hassle if you're trying to shoot several photos in quick succession. With a higher-speed card, this won't be an issue.


It's generally important to buy SD cards from a known brand. While you might find generic SD cards online, it's advisable to choose cards from a reputable company. The last thing that you want is to encounter a problem with a low-quality card that results in you being unable to access your photos after shooting them. When you shop at a camera accessories store, you can speak to a salesperson to discuss various SD card brands and get their recommendation about which brands to use.

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