3 Tips On Hiring A Photographer To Get An Extensive Wedding Photo Collection

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3 Tips On Hiring A Photographer To Get An Extensive Wedding Photo Collection

23 February 2021
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While going through the process of planning your wedding, you may feel confident in picking a photographer that satisfies your wants and needs regarding photo style and quality. But, you may intend on having a large and lengthy wedding in which you want everything to be captured. If you want to make sure that you are able to get an extensive wedding photo collection, you should focus on the right details that will help you reach your desired outcome.

Second Shooter

While an experienced photographer will be able to capture excellent shots quickly, you cannot expect them to get multiple angles during key moments. Also, photographing a large wedding means that they are naturally going to miss out on certain things that happen in other areas.

These limitations make it well worth getting a second shooter with the photographer that you hire. Ideally, you should find a photographer who has someone that they work with on a regular basis when they need another person at an event to help with capturing photos. Since this is something that you may know that you are going to do, you may even want to schedule a meeting with the photographer and their second shooter to learn more about them.

Time Slot

Along with getting another person to help with taking photos, you should determine your wedding day schedule to see how much time the entire process is going to take. For instance, this timeframe may begin when you start getting dressed all the way until the reception ends.

Instead of hiring a photographer and having them show up at the ceremony before it starts, you can get them to take photos while you are getting dressed. This will lead to a more extensive photo collection that captures the entire day compared to just the ceremony and reception.


In addition to using a second shooter and picking a lengthy time slot, you should put a lot of time and effort into planning all the shots. By figuring out all the planned photos that you are interested in, you can let a photographer know and you can both work out the timing details.

Since a photographer has so much experience with shooting weddings, you can take their advice about when to take certain photos to avoid rushing the process.

If you want to look through an extensive collection of photos after your wedding, you should use these tips to help you hire a wedding photographer for the job.