4 Ways Professional Video Production Will Improve Streaming Presentations

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4 Ways Professional Video Production Will Improve Streaming Presentations

14 September 2020
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In the age of COVID-19, video streaming has become a new way of life for many people and companies. Instead of relying on a built-in webcam or simple set-up, learn how you can take your company to the next level using professional video production services. 

The services will enhance, improve, and completely change the way you provide video content to co-workers, consumers, and other audiences.

1. Lighting

Video lighting can dramatically change the quality of your production. Even if you have a 4K quality camera, poor lighting can result in a poor video. If you broadcast from a laptop, the glow of the screen can make a huge difference. 

Lighting will help enhance the visuals of an area and instantly make the video feed look more professional. If you have good lighting, you do not need to worry about shadows, poor visuals, or other issues. A professional lighting setup will include fill lights, overhead lights, and lighting that is ideal for close-up shots.

2. Multiple Angles

In so many video streaming services or conference calls, the users are limited to a single camera. With a professional production from a video agency, you can increase the number of angles available on the video stream. With multiple angles, you can engage viewers, change the look of a shot, and showcase other elements.

For example, if you have a visual presentation or a product you are showing off, an alternate angle can focus on a whiteboard or a display table. You do not need to constantly adjust a camera or change the angle when multiple cameras are set up ahead of time.

3. Audio Mixing

Wearing a professional microphone is the first step in creating a more professional production, but a video production studio can provide even more audio options. For example, a sound mixing board allows you to loop in music, sound effects, and other audio files. You could have a song used in the introduction of your video. 

Audio mixes will enhance the presentation and make viewers more engaged as they stream the product.

4. Extra Video Content

Along with adding audio to the production, video services give you the option to add video content. You can cut to video clips and produced videoes that relate to the topic you're discussing. For example, if you interviewed someone before the start of the stream, you can cut to the interview package at any point in the video.

Applying all of the elements will create a professional presentation that helps your video stream really stand out from other productions. To learn more, contact a video agency near you.