Don't Forget To Capture These Photos On Your Wedding Day

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Don't Forget To Capture These Photos On Your Wedding Day

23 December 2019
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Hiring a wedding photographer is essential when getting married, since you want to remember those moments and show them to family for years to come. However, it is easy to get so caught up in the excitement of the day that you do not get all of the photos that you would like. Here are some moments that you'll want to be sure to get a photo of on your wedding day. 

Photos While Getting Ready

Instead of getting ready fast as if it is a normal day, consider waiting until the photographer arrives to capture some of those moments. Having a parent help adjust your tie or pull up a back zipper can be a touching moment to have photographed. 

Some people like to elegantly display the items that they are wearing and take a photo of them before they are all put on. For example, the bride may want a nice shot of the wedding dress before it gets put on for the first time that day, or the groom may want a detail shot of the cufflinks they are wearing that were passed down to them from their father. 

Photos Of The Venue

Sometimes it is nice to have some photographs of the venue before people arrive and fill it up. You'll likely want to remember things like how the venue was decorated, detail shots of any custom decorations that you made for the wedding, and even a nice shot of the dessert table to remember what you were serving your guests. Every shot doesn't necessarily need to be of people in it for your wedding album, since the venue of your wedding is likely very important to you. 

Photos For Your Thank You Card

It can be cute to stage a photo that is specifically for the thank you card that you send to the guests at your wedding. This can easily be done by having both the bride and groom hold up signs that say thank you. Have the photographer snap a few photos and use your favorite one for the thank you card. Your guests will love that you did something custom that they can hold onto and display.

These are a few ideas that you can use for wedding photography that you may not have heard of. For more tips, meet with your photographer before your special day so that they can offer their suggestions