Coaching A Teen Soccer Team For The First Time

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Coaching A Teen Soccer Team For The First Time

24 May 2017
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Have you decided to become the coach of a local teenage soccer team? If you have never coached a team before, the job can be challenging without a good plan in place. You must understand that you will be in charge of more than simply teaching your team how to play soccer. For instance, you must come up with ways to create memories that your team will be able to hold on to for many years to come. Take a look at this article for a few helpful suggestions in regards to coaching a soccer team for the first time.

1. Reward Your Team for Their Efforts

As a coach, it will be your duty to encourage your team to work harder after each game. Although teaching the team during practice is a way to pump them up for the next game, sometimes rewards are a good option. For instance, you can reward your team based on their individual efforts to improve their skills. There are numerous ways that you can go about presenting rewards, including presenting the recipients with a certificate. Gift cards are an even better way to reward your team for their efforts.

2. Take Field Trips to Watch Professional Soccer Players

Sometimes the best way to teach new skills to a team is to take them to professional soccer games. Your team might enjoy going on occasional field trips to watch professionals play soccer, as it will make being on your team more exciting. However, you must tell your team that the main goal of watching the professionals is to observe their skills. The skills that are learned during the field trips can then be incorporated during practice. Make sure you that you get permission from the teen's parents before planning field trips.

3. Hire a Photographer to Take Team Photos

At the end of each soccer season, it is important for you to make sure your team is able to take away a memory. It is a good idea to hire a team sports photography professional to capture photos of your team at the end of the season. If you want your team to have even more memories to hold on to, consider hiring a photographer to take photos throughout the season as well, such as during tournaments. Don't just opt for getting group photos captured, but also make sure each member of your team is able to take a personal photo.