Signs You Could Be Ready To Join The Wedding Photography Game

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Signs You Could Be Ready To Join The Wedding Photography Game

25 May 2016
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As someone who dabbles in professional photography — perhaps shooting engagement portraits or baby photos for clients — it's important that you don't rush into shooting weddings until you're ready. However, if you've done a lot of shooting over a period of time and believe that your equipment and skills are properly suited to shooting weddings, this can be a rewarding and lucrative world in which to immerse yourself. You shouldn't be in a hurry to become a wedding photographer, even if you're enticed by the idea. Make sure that you can clearly identify these signs before you choose to enter this world.

You're Quick With Setting Up Shots

When you're shooting a family portrait, for example, you can take a prolonged amount of time to set up each shot. However, in the world of a wedding photographer, you don't often have this luxury — for example, when shooting something that only happens once, such as the ring ceremony, you have to be in the right place at the right time. Evaluate yourself to gauge how quickly you can set up shots. Are you able to quickly get in position, set your camera to the proper settings and be ready to shoot? If so, these are signs that you could be ready to shoot weddings.

You Can Manage People

Successfully shooting weddings is about more than having an eye for photography; you also need to be able to effectively manage people. This means meeting your timelines by being assertive. Some guests might need constant reminders about how to stand, for example, and you can't be timid in this area. The best wedding photographers are highly adept at managing the people they're shooting — this means providing clear instructions about how to stand and even a polite reminder to pause a conversation until the photos have been taken.

You Have Another Photographer You Work With

Not every wedding photographer needs a partner, but having one can be extremely helpful when you're starting out. Think about if you ever hire another trusted photographer (such as one from Dexter Davis Photography and Films) to help with some of your shoots. If you can easily think of this person, it might be advantageous to involve him or her in some of your wedding shoots. Having a secondary photographer can cut down on your workload and relieve some of the pressure on you. For example, one of you can take portraits while the other can circulate through the wedding venue and take candid shots. The availability of this person can help you transition into your new role as a wedding photographer.