Have VHS Footage? Consider Converting It To Digital

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Have VHS Footage? Consider Converting It To Digital

6 December 2021
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If you have a box of old VHS tapes in your basement that you haven't thought about for years, it can be worthwhile to dust off the collection and see what's on the tapes. There's a good chance that you'll want to keep some of the footage, although there's a better option than just leaving this collection as it is. As a way to protect these valuable clips, consider visiting a company in your area that does VHS conversion. It will give you digital copies of the footage on your tapes so that you don't need to worry about one of the old tapes breaking or you eventually having trouble finding a VHS player. Here are some types of footage that you'll want to convert.

Family Moments

A lot of families have a selection of family moments that were saved onto VHS tapes. The range of these clips can be extensive. Depending on your age, you might have clips of when your children were young, with key moments such as their first steps and first words captured in this manner. You may also have clips of past birthday parties, including some that feature family members who have since passed away. These clips can possess a high sentimental value, so being able to preserve and enjoy them digitally is something you'll appreciate.

School Activities

You may also find VHS tapes that contain a number of clips from when your children were in school. For example, if your kids used a video camera for a school project — perhaps to record something in drama or music class — this footage may remain on one of your tapes. Similarly, if your kids played sports at their schools, you may have footage of one or more of the teams' games. Converting this footage to digital will allow your family to walk down memory lane together as you recall these moments.

Work Events

It's possible that you also have VHS tapes that feature footage of various work-related events. If you've owned a company for a long time, you may have clips from various key moments in the company's history — a grand opening, trade shows, and more. It can be fun to convert this footage to digital and come up with a way to use it. For example, you might offer some of the clips on your social media channels or, in advance of a big anniversary, prepare a video that includes these old clips in addition to some newer ones.

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